My "Doug Talk" at Knowledge Federation Workshop - Dubrovnik, October 2012

I was invited to bring Doug's ideas into the Knowledge Federation Workshop (3rd), in Dubrovnik Croatia, October 2012, organized by Dino Karabeg.
These are informal remarks, and the video is choppy, from an inexpensive handheld device, and was captured in 3 sections:

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3

Celebrating Doug Engelbart's life today...

The Next Now Community is hosting a celebration of Doug Engelbart's life today: 7/13/13 1-7 pm Pacific time:

Bootstrapping Evolution

The Bootstrapping Evolution project is intended to serve as a virtual space where systems scientists (the ISSS community) can meet knowledge media researchers and share ideas, co-create projects, and develop strategies for real-world systemic change. This title is composed by putting together the two keywords that perhaps best characterize Douglas Engelbart and Erich Jantsch—the visionaries whose ideas provide us direction and inspiration.

UNEDITED raw transcript of COI call today - remembering Doug

((I may clean this up when I get more time...and also add content in sections where I didn't take notes... but here is the raw log for now. This will get replaced / edited as I find time to do so. Thanks to all who attended the call, and those whose thoughts were with Doug, even if not on the call... The call audio is available at . Love - Sam))

Doug Engelbart Call 20130706

Just announced this to a few groups (Facebook, KF, SerCon)

A few of us (Community of Impact amigos) are pursuing our understanding of Doug's vision, and are having weekly calls on Saturdays at noon PT (pacific time, since March 2013) to further that work and invite friends of Doug and others aligned with his vision to join us. (Our daily calls have been taking place since January 12, 2013.)

THIS Saturday (7/6), we are going to remember Doug, and devote that call to his memory. If you would like to join us, please do.

Observations from COI calls

We have had Saturday Community of Impact calls since March. While we Amigos originally intended the COI calls to be an invitation to co-create the principles, guidelines, values, framework, semi-structure of the COI, most invited participants have been looking more for "what to DO". In our vernacular, they are looking for what "Black Box" aka project to join and what role to fill so they can execute and achieve in a visible way. We're not yet finding many who want to focus their time on co-creating the COI RoE / semi-structure itself.

Fred Hassani joined us last Saturday

On Saturday, May 25, we enjoyed having Fred Hassani join us for the first time. (Also attending were Bill & Roberta English, David, and Sam. Dino was not available.) Fred described the work he is launching at WASI around a platform for swinging votes in elections based on crowd-sourced deliberation on issues. Need to put him in touch w/ Jack and Martin. Since most of Saturday's call was focused on understanding Fred's efforts, we decided to use the NEXT call to see how COI and WASI could complement / connect. That *could* adapt based on who else will be joining the next call.

Second version of the INTRO presentation is now up...

We should really refer to this as still version 0.2, not version 2, and it's been about 2 months since we first put up the first version... but today the second version of the introductory presentation (to the "Community of Impact" aka COI) has replaced the first. This is still very much DRAFT WORK-IN-PROGRESS, but we took feedback on the first version and worked on the "call to action", where we were very ambiguous and not-very-concreted in the first draft.


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